Its a wrap!

Amazing time, love being able to work with travel and photo. Pure joy! Thankful for what life’s bringing me!

Would you like to see more behind the scene pics, let me know!

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Lots of love!

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Snygg på utsidan och rejäl på insidan, kan det bli bättre?

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Letar du efter en ny dator? I så fall kan jag starkt rekommendera nya surface från microsoft.
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Chimi Eyewear

 You probably haven’t missed it, but if you have, you’re in for a treat. Let me introduce to you – CHIMI💧

CHIMI is a unisex eyewear brand who offers colorful shades for colorful people. All their models comes in nine different colors, so no matter where you’re going to show off this summer, your number one vacay-accessories are a couple of CHIMI’s. Because one pair is not enough.

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Love Johnny

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Denim denim denim

FET jacka från TTA, ni hittar den HÄR

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Take off

At the airport for take off to the the sunny side of the world for a while.

Destionation Dubai!

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This classy weekender again! To nice to not push twice!

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Another day, another boost

Can’t have to many, as long as they’re striped!

Get yours >HERE<

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A view from the top

Had a really nice weekend in Sälen, we shot some television and went airborne in this beast from Arctic Air.      

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We like. Click the pic for link to t-shirt. 50-70% off tight now. Peace!

Collaboration with awesome TTA.

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Classy awesomeness

It’s nice to break up the style sometimes, this awesome classy bag goes with anything.

Want one? You find the Stockholm Weekend Bag at, 12% off rest of the month!

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In collaboration with Shopcorn.

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Its a long road, but its all worth it.

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